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Mobile Comic Books

The knowledge-seeking public isn’t just a follower of movies and TV series or a big fanatic of cellular phone texting, MMS sending and calling. All of whom who seek for interesting stories and ideas are also fond of mobile comic books especially that the cellular phone technology is rising to its peak.

From the classical mobile comic books to hero-centered ones, both young and mature are amused about viewing them anywhere at any time of the day. Although the world’s fascination of this kind of perk is still fresh, there have been around 60,000 readers in a month who reportedly subscribe to comics services. Isn’t this a comic fanatic world after all? Sure, batman, superman, cat woman, name them. They are known to be renowned on-print comics, and now there are versions of such that can be viewed on cellular phones and notebooks.

The creators of mobile comic books jump along with the digital trends wherein production and distribution costs are not too pricey, not to mention wireless providers are aggressive in proving subscribers the best services they could bring forward. Data-rich programs and software applications are integrated in sophisticated lines of mobile phones to meet the interests of the texting public.

With the increasing popularity of MMS sending, data sharing and file accessibility, mobile comic books are gearing towards earning a larger following from youngsters who seek for portable excitement by viewing miniatures or high-tech versions of famous comics. Japanese Anime has come into the picture as amongst the widely popularized ones as well.

Creating the mobile comic books is challenging in that it should be within bounds of not beyond 25 frames and they vary in screen sizes to fit the types of handsets. Also, the java program cannot be viewed on all phones so this is another challenge that creators encounter. Java-based applications are being utilized by mobile info providers who are now producing their own line of mobile comic books.

Aside from java viewer, WAP and multi-media messaging features can allow one to view mobile comic books like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bone, Batman, Thunder Road, Five Fists of Science, and Model Operandi that is mostly popular among males. Some companies are now on the final stages of coming up with the animation, ringtones, wallpaper and cinematic features as well as covering manga-themed games that is popularized in Japan.

Some mobile comic books are difficult to view than to others but this largely depends on what your mobile phone’s capabilities are. The single panels permit the creators to follow through how the mobile phone owners comprehend their stories so that suspense element makes one to be more curious about the succeeding segments of each comic book. If your phone is Java ready, then you can enjoy most of the mobile comic books.

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