Samsung Expects $seven.7 Billion in Revenue for Q1 2013

Samsung has announced its earnings estimate for Q1 2013, and the numbers are searching really good, primarily due to great smartphone product sales

The company estimates 52 trillion won ($ 46 billion) in revenue and an operating revenue of trillion won ($ billion) for the quarter, besting Q1 2012 by 53%

Samsung’s Q4 2012 was even far better, with the organization posting an working profit of 8.84 trillion won ($ seven.eight billion). That quarter, nevertheless, incorporated the historically very good vacation income and the full result of the Galaxy S III, which arrived in the U.S. in July 2012

These figures are all estimates exact numbers will be identified when Samsung releases its complete earnings report for Q1 2013, which should come about on April 26. Even now, the company’s financials have been enhancing quarter soon after quarter, and with its new flagship smartphone — Samsung Galaxy S4 — coming in April, things are absolutely seeking very good for the Korean giant Go through much more

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